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Top Ten Psychology Studies of 2009

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I came across someone’s list of 2009’s Top 10 psychology studies, and thought it was very interesting reading. You really should click on this link and see the original post by David DiSalvo, but Below is his list.

1. If you have to choose between buying something or spending the money on a memorable experience, go with the experience.

2. First impressions are all about value. The subjective evaluation we make when meeting someone new includes–to put it bluntly–what’s in it for us.

3. The “money illusion”—the tendency to allow the nominal value of money (amount of currency) to interfere with the real value (value of goods the money can buy)—is all in your head.

4. Playing video games could be an unlikely cure for psychological trauma.

5. All of us spend time riding the moral self-regulation see saw. If you ever find yourself walking through the lighting section at a Home Depot and suddenly feel compelled to buy energy efficient light bulbs, stop and ask yourself if you’re compensating for something.

6. If you’re preparing for a specific challenge, make sure you prep for that challenge and not just ones like it.

7. If someone is trying to sell you something, be extra careful to keep your psychological distance.

8. Turns out, saying you’re sorry really is important—and not just to you.

9. We can become bored with just about anything, but there may be a way to reverse the habituation blues.

10. If you’re a man and find yourself in an argument with your significant other, choose your words very carefully. Not only do they affect the other person, but research in the journal Health Psychology suggests that they can also significantly impact your health.

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