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Why I don't believe in birthdays

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Today is my birthday and while I do appreciate all the birthday cupcakes, birthday ecards, and birthday quotes on Facebook, I can’t help but to share this post on my blog.

Let me start by saying that I do not believe in birthdays. Since I was a young kid I found that something was not right about the concept of a birthday, I remember always thinking that I already had a birthday and that, that day did not exist anymore.

Only after I got older and acquired more knowledge about the concept of time and space and the movement of the earth around the sun did I piece together the reality of a birthday being nothing more than an illusion used as a tool to please our egos.

Here is the explanation.

Our perception and concept of hours, days, weeks, years is nothing more than a way of dividing the time it takes our earth to do two things:

  1. Do one full revolution around itself on its axis
  2. Do one full revolution around our star, the sun.

For all obvious practical purposes it is a great thing to divide our days and years in measurable segments, but an overwhelming number of people fail to realize that the measure of time only applies to our planet, if humans lived anywhere else, even our very own moon, those time measurements would not apply, and by default neither your age, further more your “birthdays” would fall at different intervals than they do now.

Humans and our earth are inseparable parts of the fabric of time and space. Our life begins at a point in time and space, and continues without markers to another point in time and space known as our death.

Time relativity.

Another part to this equation is the fact that time is relative, so a year to us on earth and a year to a person traveling at the speed of light will be perceived completely different by the different observers. This point to point in time and space happens in our "Frame" of time.

While I do not believe in “birthdays” I do agree that it is important to pause and reflect on the amazing fact that we have life in us and that we are witnesses to the glory of everything that is, but we do not need a set day out of the year to celebrate… we can celebrate our birth at anytime and anyplace.

Why I dont believe in birthdays

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