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The improbability of Adam and Eve

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Mitochondrial DNA (coming from the female side) in modern humans points to genes that are tracked back to a single female ancestor who lived about 140,000 years ago, but genes on the Y chromosome (coming from the male) trace back to one male who lived about 60,000-90,000 years ago. Further, the bulk of genes in the nucleus all trace back to different times—as far back as two million years.

This shows not only that any "Adam" and "Eve" (in the sense of mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA alone) must have lived thousands of years apart, but also that there simply could not have been two individuals who provided the entire genetic ancestry of modern humans. Each of our genes "coalesces" back to a different ancestor, showing that, as expected, our genetic legacy comes from many different individuals. It does not go back to just two individuals, regardless of when they lived.These are the scientific facts. And, unlike the case of Jesus's virgin birth and resurrection, we can dismiss a physical Adam and Eve with near scientific certainty.

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